Ahlem Farms Partnership is a Registered Jersey dairy in the heart of cheese country -- Hilmar, CA.

The family farm is owned by Bill and Carolyn Ahlem and Sabino Ahlem-Herrera, DVM, and operated on three dairies in the central part of the state.

Nutrient-dense milk from the 6,000-cow herd is shipped to the Hilmar Cheese Company. Bill and Carolyn Ahlem are founding members of the company, which is now the largest single-site cheese plant in the world. Hilmar Cheese recently expanded its business by opening another cheese-making plant in Dalhart, TX.

Bill Ahlem's dairy career began in 1966 after he graduated from Oregon State University. He joined his father, William Sr., on one of the family's two dairies, where he milked 100 cows. Within a year, he was running the second dairy of 100 cows. In 1972, he and his brother, Chuck, established a farm and dairy partnership. Six years later, their brother, Jim, joined the partnership to form Ahlem Enterprises.

The partnership was later split into three independent businesses that are still in operation today.

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Herd Facts
AJCA Lactation Averages

Ahlem Farms Partnership
20,653M, 975F, 768P
3226 cows
Ahlem Farms Jerseys
21,006M, 964F, 768P
1489 cows
Ahlem Farms Vista
21,783M, 1019F, 830P
2587 cows

Herd Appraisal

Ahlem Farms Partnership
226 E, 1971 VG
82.0% average on 2978 cows
Ahlem Farms Jerseys
101 E, 1089 VG
81.5% average on 1708 cows
Ahlem Farms Vista
196 E, 1899 VG
81.9% on 2907 cows

Genetic Averages

Ahlem Farms Partnership
+73 JPI on 1933 cows
75% genotyped
Ahlem Farms Jerseys
+59 JPI on 1060 cows
53% genotyped
Ahlem Farms Vista
+57 JPI on 1679 cows
55% genotyped