Our First 95-Point Cow Appraised on the Farm

We had an exciting appraisal day, with our first cow appraised Excellent-95% on the farm. Ahlem Action Harmony 33374 was appraised E-95% at 8-7. She has a 6 lactation average m.e. of 21,910 – 1,103 – 857. She is backed by an E-90% JACE {6} then a VG-87% GOLDEN, both with over 21,000M.

As well, Ahlem Celebrity Caprice 34473 was appraised E-94% and Ahlem Celebrity Princess 36006, Ahlem Dividend Marvel 41944, Ahlem Dignitary Eve 40477, Ahlem Headline Blessing 35921, Ahlem Sentry Equal 38089 and Ahlem Sentry Mindy 35805 were raised to E-93%.

In all, we had 85 new Excellents.