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January: Sires from Our Buttons Family


January: Invest in Buttons (Kash-In on Valentine's Day Sale)
March: Rock Solid Production
May: Invest in Our Best Genetics (National Heifer Sale and Cal Poly Classic Sale)
June: The Family Puts a Stamp on GJUI and Type
July: 2017 Leading Living Lifetime Production Contest
August: 51 Years in the Making
September: Take this Craze Daughter (Top of the World)
October: Polled Offerings Headed to Louisville (All American Sale)/Bill Ahlem Memorial
November: Homozygous Polled from Our Charm Family
December: As We Reflect


January: The Buttons Family
March: Production Warriors
April: Honoring the Legacy of Max Edgar Fisher
June: Precious and Rare (National Heifer Sale)
July: Saluting Longevity Queens
September: Distinct Offering (Top of the World Sale)
October: Top Genetics (All American and Pot O'Gold Sale) and Chicago (Syndicated Bull)
December: Many Thanks


January: Happy New Year and Happy Customers
February: Here's Your Chance at a Top 500 GJPI Heifer (Ratliff's March Madness Sale)
March: Here's Your Chance at a Top 500 GJPI Heifer (Ratliff's March Madness Sale)
April: Deep Pedigrees and Leading Genomics
 Buttons - Leading Health Traits and GJUI
June: Intriguing Pedigrees for Everyone's Liking (National Heifer Sale and Splash in the Ocean Consignments)
August: Thanks to Sexing Technologies and River Valley Farm
September: Congratulations McCalister Russell (Pot O'Gold Production Contest)
October: Profitable Pedigrees (All American and Pot O'Gold Sale Consignments)
December: Sincere Thanks


January: A Big Thank You
February: Strong Maternal Lines (Jersey Journal Great Cow Contest)
March: Heading to Oklahoma (Spring Fashions Sale)
May: Lifetime Honors (Living Lifetime Production Contest)
June: Find Your Lucky Charm (National Heifer Sale)
June: Bring Her Home (Summer Splash Sale)
July: Leading Genetics
August: We Hope She Adds Charm to Your Herd
September: She's the One You've Got to Have (Top of the World Sale)
October: Get Your Genetics Off and Running (All American and Pot O'Gold Sale)
December: Thank You and Appraisal Highlights